Friday, March 13, 2020

Liberalism essays

Liberalism essays how does the American concept of classical liberalism differ from the concept of liberalism that evolved in Europe after the french revolution? before answering the question i will, in my own words, give the defention of liberalism. When first hearing the term liberalism i imediatly think of freedom. if i were to give a one word deffinition fo liberalism it would most likely be freedom. i think that freedom sums up liberalism pretty good, in a one word way. threw this paper i will further get into depth of liberalsim, classical liberalism, and the differences between the such. so now that there is a basic undertanding of the term liberalism, im going to go into the deffenition of classical liberalism. classical liberalism asserts the natural rights of an individual, with carful attention to the rights of minorieties. The right of property is highly covered along with the controling governments obligation to protect that property. the right of an individuals to advance in the social atmosphears, and also in the economical world. some of the ideas of classical liberalism have been around for centuries, but it wasnt untill the late 17th century that john locke was able to bring these ideas together an present them to the masses. "john locke serves as the founding father of classical liberalism by tying these principles together in a difinitive matter, providing a thorough foundation upon which later minds could build. he, in short offered these around which the classical liberal dialogue revolves" ( that right there is my deffenition of classical liberalsim, based on the knowledge i obtained through out a few short readings. in this paper i will better explain the deffenition with cited sources and comparisons to the ideas of american classical liberalism. ...

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