Monday, February 10, 2020

THE MARKETING RESEARCH PROPOSAL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

THE MARKETING RESEARCH PROPOSAL - Essay Example The point is how do they manage with such a surrounding?, while conducting a marketing research it becomes quiet clear that culture, language, and food are the major problems, if the University in which the residential students study take steps to bring expected arrangements, these inconveniences will get reduced. The student’s opinion plays a key role in analysing the issues. In accordance with these issues The Wellington Research Council has decided to run business catering to the needs of the Massey University Programs and the overseas students who participate in that, so with the intention to make their business successful the marketing research method has been chosen. A marketing research will best suit for this dissertation because, a marketing research involves the evaluation of collected information, and help us in selecting or choosing a considerable solution to the problem undertaken. This research is done with particular focus on the Massey University Programs and the students of the above University. The study also have many things reviewed, they are the difficulties faced by residential students in managing with the unfamiliar social and political atmosphere, the adjustment issues in spite of the existing disparities and to facilitate the administration of the Universities to assist the students to get by the discrepancies. A survey was undertaken by preparing questionnaires for students who have come form other countries or overseas, based on the responses given, the conclusion was considered that though they might be exposed to a varying atmosphere, they develop a sense of open mindedness towards accepting the diversities and difficulties. But the question of adjustment with a complete convenience remains. The concept of living in a cross cultural surrounding is increasing a lot, particularly among the

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